الأربعاء، 23 يونيو 2010

Jazeera Airways Reconciliation

It was taking from me too much time to make a reconciliation to jazeera airways account because i was making it in many and many steps ..
  • Downloading the online statement from website .
  • And to be more easy exporting to excel sheet .
  • Converting the defferent currencies to Kuwaiti Dinar .
  • Also the same to the report from the system, exporting it to excel sheet .
  • And then making the manualu reconciliation .

And after all that its not fixed in a database, by example if i want any time to make the reconciliation again i will do the most of these steps again ... :-S

But, Now its more simple and more accurate by using this small and simple program .. :)

All what you need is to have report from the accounts system with the Tickets PNRs ..

  1. Export the Jazeera Online Statement to excel sheet and save it in its place .

  2. Upload the Statement to the Database from my program .

  3. Export report from the account system and save it in its place .

  4. From my program select the range of the date and press ok .

Maybe you will say its in four steps !! .

Yes, but now you have full data for all jazeera tickets your agency had issued and with small button you can make reconciliation any time .

Plus its More Accurate .

Please Read the Read me File first .

Many Thanks .

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